The Amazing FastCap!

 Here is a project we installed about 3 years ago.  The curved panels seem to be pulling away from the walls, unsure exactly why, but is possibly due to them being unbalanced with finish from the front to the back. We used a variety of FastCap products to fix this problem.



As you can see, the panel is pulling away from the wall (with quite a bit of force)








We used a FastCap 3rd hand pole to apply force back to the wall.










Then we used the FastCap FlushMount Drillbit system to countersink for the Powerhead screws






















We used 3 1/2″ Powerhead screws to screw through the face of the panel. Although we did not want to do this, It was really the easiest way out and screwing into the backside of the MDF panel would not be strong enough.


























Now the fun part… This is a stained cherry veneer panel. I actually used a PVC FastCap, darkened it up with a Mohawk marker, and voila! It nearly disappeared!










Check out the finished product below! Simply Amazing!












Certainly one of my favorite FastCap fixes of all time!




















  See a few more project pictures here

A Big THANK YOU to Paul Akers of FastCap for producing such innovative products!

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