Paul Akers key note speach at the Lean Summit 2015

Paul Akers is the owner of FastCap Company in WA. Many of us had the honor of attending the Lean Summit 2015 that he & his wife LeeAnne  so graciously hosted at both his house & place of business.  Many lives (and businesses) are changed because of it.  We look forward to implementing much of what was learned by all of the awesome presenters! Remember, stop the struggle! Owners, get on the shop floor! Paul discusses his new APP called LEAN PD. (Lean Personal Development) Remember, the key to being a Lean Leader, you must change yourself!  Links will be posted as they become available.

Do you store your workbench on the ceiling too?

Tricked Out Work Bench – Cutting table – also shows how I use Festool’s on table top system.

How I solved the problem of using my garage for a multi-purpose work area. If you have a large cabinet shop, or a small home shop, many of us are plagued with the problem of having some confined space that we work in somewhere.  So it is very important to make things as efficient as possible. This is just one of many of my solutions.