Is tool and gear organization a new trend?

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Are you looking for Foam Inserts for your Brand Name Tool boxes?

Kaizen Foam made by FastCap has been around for a while now, but I believe we have taken it to a new level! The word Kaizen means “Continuous Improvement” in Japanese.  I believe we have improved the foam 10-fold. We have removed the struggle of cutting out shape for you.  It is close to impossible to achieve this level of accuracy cutting it out by hand. Not to mention, a time saver!

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Some of the brand names carried are as follows: Festool, DeWalt, Ridgid, Bosch, Kreg, Makita, Plano, Gun Vault, and more….. is a subsidiary of, llc. works directly with FastCap LLC as both a product dealer and a product developer. Kaizen Inserts are manufactured using the LEAN philosophy of Just-In-Time.  There is no stock.  All items are cut out by a CNC machine and generally shipped within a 24 hour period.

More to follow on this process!