Do Wheels really make the car?

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Custom painting and masking Torq Thrust wheels for a C1 Corvette

After looking at endless options of wheels, everything from EVOD to Schott, and back to the basics of American Racing, I ended up with the Torq Thrust wheels by American Racing. However, I wanted them customized/personalized to match my car. Check out the video below to see my process on how I painted the wheels to match the cove panel color of the corvette.

The car had Crager wheels on it when I purchased it. Both Crager and the AR Torq Thrust wheels were both available for this car, even back in 1961. So I thought it was most fitting to keep with one of those brands. There is nothing wrong with the Cragers, it was simply personal preference (mostly of my wife) that they were simply just too much chrome for the C1. I did agree, so that started the search.

I can not leave well enough alone with anything, I customize almost everything I have. Why would the wheels be any different? The outcome was exactly what we were looking for, and there is no one that has exactly what we have. Makes it easier to spot the car in a lineup…

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Here are all the grits of the SunGold soft back sandpaper we have always used in the shop:

The most amazing 3M tape for chasing those curves:

The knife I used for trimming the tape:

Find your Torque Thrust wheels on Amazon:

Kaizen Foam:×4-30/30mm-2×4-kaizen-foam-sheets Paints Used for Project:

Primer Used:

Paint – Custom color made to match

Top Coat: