PAKstraps – Accessories for Milwaukee Packout Boxes

The PAKstrap is a cost effective struggle stopping product that allows you to utilize the outside of your toolbox systems by securing and hanging your most used items for the project you are working on, and staying completely mobile at the same time. The basic design of this product was driven by the way we functioned as millwork installers. We had many carts over the years for rolling around the jobsites, with tools hanging off all sides of them. When I was installing, the Milwaukee Packout system had not been developed. Due to its massive current popularity, I decided to bring that concept over to this brand. The PakStraps were born…

Find the product here:

This was another product that I designed WITHOUT a name. So, as usual, I put it up on Instagram for suggestions, and I think within minutes, a friend of mine came up with the perfect name. The PAKstrap!! Thank you to Nate Adams, he can be found on IG @builtby_n8

The ultimate Sound System for a 1961 Corvette

My goal here was to integrate a superior sounding sound system that is completely independent of the car itself. It is run solely from the iphone. We have a restored original radio that will be re-installed with its own paper cone speakers to allow us not only to keep it original, for that original sound. The original radio does not put out clean enough sound to even consider running through an amplifier.

Some of the gear used is below:

Amplifier: Audison AV 5.1k 1650 watt –

Subs: 8″ Audison in custom enclosures – Front kick speakers – Morel –

Dash speakers: Audison, custom mount –

System Designed & Installed by: Speed Of Sound, Milford, CT