Some extra curricular activities I have been up to…

I have decided to take my hobby and passion of automotive, and mix it up with my background in innovative design and manufacturing. We are going to add to my companies lineup and open up a new website geared towards the 4×4 overlanding enthusiast. It will allow us as a company to offer our accessory and storage solutions to existing products on the market. I like to call these GAP products, they are typically products that improve the use of other products. Due to the nature of a GAP product, most people don’t realize they need (want) it until they see it.

Typically I like to find a domain name that fits the product, or the store, one that states what we do or sell within the name of the domain. Needless to say, the market is saturated, and available domains are expensive. So, phase 2 is to take a name, any name, and make the logo speak through the artwork. The below logo artwork is not complete, but is close to the direction of where it will go. I am using one of my existing domain names with a somewhat familiar ring to it….

The website is under construction. Planning on a launch in the 1st quarter of 2023!

We are already setup with hundreds of vendors, Check out some of them below!

Thoughts on my onboard ARB compressor & Horn Blasters in my Toyota Tacoma

Anyone that knows me, knows I like accessories, especially accessories that serve a purpose.

After owning this for about 2 years, I would say it is my most used accessory. I could not tell you the amount of times I have needed to fill my tires, bicycles, other peoples tires, or even run the occasional air tool. It also powers my air horn. I do plan to add air lockers at some point, also made by ARB. It is an extremely well made, continuous duty piece of equipment.

Please note this is not a “how-to” video, but more of a what I did video…

A note about the compressor mount…. Because this project was done during COVID, and things were hard to get, I ended up making a custom mount that worked better for my needs. Currently, I believe there are different mounts available. All the air line are press fittings, high pressure hydraulic lines. I did not wat to re-do this so I built it indestructible. All fitting used are hydraulic fittings. The system literally does not leak at all. The pressure in the tank will go up and down depending on ambient temps. Here are the Air related products I used:

– ARB Air Compressor kit:

Or if you are looking for just the compressor, here it it:

– VIAIR 1 Gallon Tank

– Milton air Regulator:

– Viair Gauge:

A variety of air fittings, too many to list…

Horn Blasters:

Switch Pro:

Dakota sending switch:

Dakota air pressure digital dash gauge:

OR similar through Amazon –

PackOut box mounts: