Is it work or play?

Take a look at this compilation of clips at the shop. We get to play with all kinds of toys, I mean tools and equipment. Everything from cameras and scanning equipment to CNC routers and lasers. With the type of equipment in the shop, we can pivot our product type at any given moment. There have been times when a product was born into my brain, and within 1 day, a prototype was done, it was up on the website and ready for production and online sales. All within less than 24 hours!

Tool Box Foam – First Impressions are everything!

Do you own a tool bag? Or worse… a bucket?? First Impressions are everything, with both your customers, and those working around you.  If you portray to be a slob with your tools, why wouldn’t it be perceived that your work will be the same? It is time that we, as a whole, step it up! Make your trade stand apart. Better yet, make yourself stand apart from all the others on the jobsite.  Add a level of organization to your tools, to your job, and to yourself.  You will feel much better!

Do your tools look like this???

Image result for messy tools     Image result for messy tool bag   messy!! photo messy03.jpg

There is NOTHING Lean or organized about this.  If you remove a tool, how do you know it is missing?

Just the simple process of adding Kaizen foam tool box inserts to your arsenal will give people a better perception of you.  You will look and feel more professional.  When you know where everything is, a level of stress is eliminated.  When you are cleaning up at the end of the day, your are much more likely to leave with all the tools you showed up with.  As you open the drawer or toolbox and see that shadow of where your tool should be, you will now go locate and put it away in its proper place. So the next time you need it, it will be there, resting, safely, and securely. Protect your tools and life long investment with a little bit of Kaizen Foam (made by FastCap)  If  you dont see your tool box listed on, send an email to –  Maybe, just maybe, it is available or on the list to become available!

Wouldn’t you prefer this?





Is tool and gear organization a new trend?


Are you looking for Foam Inserts for your Brand Name Tool boxes?

Kaizen Foam made by FastCap has been around for a while now, but I believe we have taken it to a new level! The word Kaizen means “Continuous Improvement” in Japanese.  I believe we have improved the foam 10-fold. We have removed the struggle of cutting out shape for you.  It is close to impossible to achieve this level of accuracy cutting it out by hand. Not to mention, a time saver!

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Some of the brand names carried are as follows: Festool, DeWalt, Ridgid, Bosch, Kreg, Makita, Plano, Gun Vault, and more….. is a subsidiary of, llc. works directly with FastCap LLC as both a product dealer and a product developer. Kaizen Inserts are manufactured using the LEAN philosophy of Just-In-Time.  There is no stock.  All items are cut out by a CNC machine and generally shipped within a 24 hour period.

More to follow on this process!