How we vectorize objects

This process has always been time consuming to perfect. We have always used photos to generate vectors. However, the method of tracing the object has varied. This method of using reference points allows the vector to import into the software at the actual size. This is a huge time saver over the previous methods. Check out the video for a basic overview of the process!

If you can’t find what you like, just make it!

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are difficult, I have been looking for picture frames for my office for a while. Not just for any picture, but something that can showcase the photos that my son has taken. Since we cut acrylics regularly, I decided to make a sandwich picture frame, black acrylic on the back and obviously clear on the front. They are held together with standoff brackets.

The black mat is created by the oversize piece of acrylic the photo is sitting – each piece of acrylic is 1/8” thick

I can use different acrylic colors to create different mats to Highlight the photo in the frame. After being in this location for quite some time I look forward to putting up photos and artwork by