PAKstraps – Accessories for Milwaukee Packout Boxes

The PAKstrap is a cost effective struggle stopping product that allows you to utilize the outside of your toolbox systems by securing and hanging your most used items for the project you are working on, and staying completely mobile at the same time. The basic design of this product was driven by the way we functioned as millwork installers. We had many carts over the years for rolling around the jobsites, with tools hanging off all sides of them. When I was installing, the Milwaukee Packout system had not been developed. Due to its massive current popularity, I decided to bring that concept over to this brand. The PakStraps were born…

Find the product here:

This was another product that I designed WITHOUT a name. So, as usual, I put it up on Instagram for suggestions, and I think within minutes, a friend of mine came up with the perfect name. The PAKstrap!! Thank you to Nate Adams, he can be found on IG @builtby_n8

Check out this miter saw mobile bench made for the Milwaukee PackOut System!

Mobile work stations were the backbone of my business when I owned a millwork installation company. The Milwaukee Packout did not exist at that time, so most of our setups were custom, and towards the end we used primarily DeWalt Tstak Systems. There is always a project going on around the shop, so we figured it would be a great time to build a new mobile setup, utilizing many of our product lines!

I would like to thank Milwaukee tools and Acme Tools for supplying the cordless saw for this project. Here is the link to the Miter Saw at Acme Tools:

If you are interested in a pre-cut bench similar to this, please go to the following link and enter your email address. Also, signing up for an account (no purchase necessary) will also keep you up to date on product updates and releases.…

Milwaukee Packouts available here:

Kaizen Foam Inserts available here:


Holstery Products:…

FastCap Products:…

Tacoma/Packout mounting accessories:…

Be sure to leave a comment about what you would like to see available, and any ideas you might have for this custom lineup of mobile bench gear!

Video by Bryce Way

Awesome way to secure your PackOuts in your Tacoma!

The Taco Mount for the 3rd gen Toyota Tacoma(2016-currect) is part of the Kaizen KNEX line of products. The TACO-MOUNT-DSR allows you to easily link your Milwaukee Packout boxes to the backside of your rear Tacoma seat, without interference of the seat latching in the upright position. See product here:… Full video with installation instructions: MORE MOUNTS AND ACCESSORIES COMING SOON!

GaterPanel Overview for mounting Milwaukee PackOuts in Toyota Tacomas

In a small pickup truck, sometimes it is hard to keep things secure an from sliding around. This product was developed out of my personal need to secure my Milwaukee packout boxes in my Toyota Tacoma truck. I now have the ability to secure Packouts to the tailgate, factory bed rail, and on top of the back seat.

Check out the GaterMount here!

Check out the TACOMounts here!

Reach out to us for custom panel designs for your TACO!

How-to mount other tool boxes to the Milwaukee PackOut – Introducing The PackAid

How-to mount other tool boxes to the Milwaukee PackOut – Introducing The PackAid


Mounting other brand tool boxes to the Milwaukee PackOut – The PackAid Introduction:

The PackAid system allows you the ability to securely mount the original Milwaukee Organizer box to the new Milwaukee PackOut System, in just about 5 minutes of time.

Purchase Product:

Purchase Packout System:

Questions & Commets are welcome, please email to – (Please enter “PackAid” in the subject line)

Although you can retrofit this system to work with other boxes yourself, we will soon have a “universal system available as well as other systems for specific boxes.



Want to learn more?  Here is the Installation video:

Connect your old Milwaukee Organizers, to the new PackOut system!

Pack-Aid is a Band-Aid for your Milwaukee PackOut system. It allows you to attach the old Milwaukee organizer to the new PackOut system

Here is the link to purchase this innovative solution to connect your 2 box systems!