Install RIGID rock lights to SwitchPro on Toyota Tacoma side steps

I installed these Rigid Rock Lights onto my Tacoma side steps and the work fantastic. They flood the area perfectly. Tied them into the SwitchPro and used the rear cab light as a trigger wire.

The N-Fab side steps:

Rigid Lights I used:

Single Rigid rock light:

SwitchPro System:

Installation side note: I went back with a Q-tip and touched up all the drilled holes with POR-15 to prevent rusting.

All wiring done by Speed of Sound Technologies in Milford, CT

What have you stuck lately?

There are a few things that work as nicely as FastCap  SpeedTape, here are a few small projects I did with them lately.

SpeedTape is FastCap’s high performance ultra-bond adhesive in a peel and stick roll! Apply SpeedTape to almost anything you want to stick in place. Peel off the liner and stick it! If you have a peel and stick application, SpeedTape is the answer. I keep this stuff in every tool bag I have, its great!

If you prefer to purchase on ebay, here is the link: SPEEDTAPE


I installed LED lighting under the cabinets. I used it to adhere the aluminum channel to the wood surface.



I created a magnetic chalk board; Cut a piece of 1/16 inch steel, sprayed it with the chalk board paint, and adhered it using the speedtape to the painted wood panel.


This is a fantastic use of space to allow menus for the week or kids school clippings.




Another cool thing you can do SpeedTape is use it on the Schluter Jolly for tile edging. It really speeds up the process of giving you a finish look to your tile backsplash.



All done!