Install RIGID rock lights to SwitchPro on Toyota Tacoma side steps

I installed these Rigid Rock Lights onto my Tacoma side steps and the work fantastic. They flood the area perfectly. Tied them into the SwitchPro and used the rear cab light as a trigger wire.

The N-Fab side steps:

Rigid Lights I used:

Single Rigid rock light:

SwitchPro System:

Installation side note: I went back with a Q-tip and touched up all the drilled holes with POR-15 to prevent rusting.

All wiring done by Speed of Sound Technologies in Milford, CT

Toyota 3rd Gen Tacoma front winch bumper cutout for SSO Southern Style Offroad

This is NOT a HOW-TO or installation video. It is simply to show how easy it is to do the actual cutting of the OEM bumper with just a jigsaw and Multitool, although I would just do the entire thing with a Fein Multi tool if I was to do it again. ALSO, the entire install can be done by yourself quite easily with just a floor jack.

The front bumper I used: – Purchased with Heise – 20 inch LED light bar

Winch: SMITTYBILT X2O with remote:

Additional lighting on bull bar: Rigid 360 series:

Front Grill by DB Customs:

Hood scoop light by SpartanX customs

Hornblasters products: ARB Compressor:

V-Air Tank:

OUR SHOP: WWW.KAIZENSOURCE.COM We make custom toolbox products and Kaizen Foam Inserts

Toyota Tacoma rear bumper lights install

I am huge into accessories that look OEM, meaning something that looks like it was installed from the factory. I found these Rigid brand flanged lights, ant that they would be perfect to integrate with my 2021 Tacoma.

Here Is the Diffused Rigid lights I used on the project:

Another option is the same style, but in a FLOOD version:

Check out the video below to see the project!

The lights are controlled from a SwitchPRO system:

We created a masonite template for this project to make your life easier that can be found on here:

For this project, we used a local high-end shop to to run the wiring for the lights, tailgate lock, rock lights, and install the SwitchPro system. Speed of Sound Technologies in Milford, CT

If you can’t find what you like, just make it!

Sometimes it’s the simple things that are difficult, I have been looking for picture frames for my office for a while. Not just for any picture, but something that can showcase the photos that my son has taken. Since we cut acrylics regularly, I decided to make a sandwich picture frame, black acrylic on the back and obviously clear on the front. They are held together with standoff brackets.

The black mat is created by the oversize piece of acrylic the photo is sitting – each piece of acrylic is 1/8” thick

I can use different acrylic colors to create different mats to Highlight the photo in the frame. After being in this location for quite some time I look forward to putting up photos and artwork by